Biocatalysis is the use of natural catalysts, such as protein enzymes, to perform chemical transformations on organic compounds. Both enzymes that have been more or less isolated and enzymes still residing inside living cells are employed for this task.

The impact of biocatalysis in the future will be precisely this: the increasing ability to use enzymes to catalyze chemical reactions in industrial processes, including the production of drug substances, flavors, fragrances, electronic chemicals, polymers—chemicals that literally impact almost every facet of your life. In adopting biocatalysis as a mainstream technology for chemical production, we will be introducing a technology that is greener, reduces pollution and cost, and creates greater sustainability. Now that’s a good reason to get acquainted!


  • Enzymes

  • Amylases

  • Proteases

  • Lipases

  • Cellulases

  • Xylanases

  • ß-Glucanase

  • Catalase

  • Papain

  • Micro-organism Systems

  • Cultures